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Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia with Anneke Lucas

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Lidija Malkic

CE, thank you 🙏 for make this interview available to us, it’s so deep and so precious to hear the perspective of direct experiencer and specially so intaligent being. It must of be her Karma to live and tell how it is. Incredible story, and incredible understanding, and most incredible ability to tell and convey to the listener. I am an ordinary human sufferer and did not go through satanic abuse or child abuse of that sort, but did,however suffer religion and cultural abuse since ever, till I free my self at around the age of 40, and since, I do a lot of research to try to understand me, and the abusers of the World. With this interview, I am able to understand so much, thank you...

Margaret Paris

I want to just say thank you thank you thank you for this inspiring story. I wasn't sure I could take it - it was so painful but I did - not only was Anneke a true teacher of love and truth in all this but the interviewer was so professional and so sensitive to her emotions as she got through this. I could not but subscribe to your tv as you are a labour of love bless you xxx

Marg Balogh

A true courageous sharing of the truth that even though people can break your body, they cannot break your soul. The sooner we all recognise that our power is 'within' our souls, the sooner our world can heal. Thank you for your deep sharing and truth Anneke...

Sylvia Spannenburg

What a powerful and heartbreaking interview! Thank you both for this, it is very hard to listen to but at the same time so valuable because of the details and the explanations from Anneke. It's an eye opener, many more people should be aware of this and the whole power structure of the elite. We live in a lie, but it will be so difficult to do something about it as it's so big. We need brave people like you. Take care!


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