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Be a part of the movement to secure the future of conscious media on our planet!

For the past 10 years, we have been creating conscious media for the public that has generated over 1.5 billion views. Over the past 3 years, Facebook and other social media platforms increasingly cut our reach to our audience which drastically reduced our funding, making it harder and harder for us to operate.

After posting a loss of $257,000 in 2017, we knew it was time to re-focus and bring this community together to stand up for this movement. The reality is, without a reliable source of income we can’t produce the articles, videos and podcasts you read and engage with every day.

Becoming part of the Conscious Media Movement is putting your personal stake in the ground in support of a new way of doing things, which gets away from the advertising model, turns its back on Facebook and other compromised social media platforms, and allows us to continue creating conscious media content.

As we come together we will overcome censorship, spread truth, shift consciousness and make conscious media the media standard!

Achievements & Updates:
  • May 2019 - We're making a push to hire a full-on Investigative journalism team!
  • May 2019 - Facebook continually gives us faulty "fake news" strikes, we get them removed but it is costing us a lot of revenue.
  • Dec 26th, 2018 - YouTube demonetizes our CE channel. No more ad revenue for us 🙁
  • Dec 21, 2018 - We hired a content editor!!!
  • Dec 15th, 2018 - We removed one ad unit on website
  • Dec 1st, 2018 - Supporters helped increase our website traffic by 40%. BIGGER IMPACT!
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What WE Stand for:
  • Taking on the responsibility to lead and fully support human awakening, freedom, and a shift in consciousness in our world.
  • Aligning with the facet of the global population that is awakening to the truth and is hungry for the disclosure of all that has been hidden from us.
  • Modelling a new media paradigm through a neutral, non-polarized voice with the intention of growing big enough as a collective to crowd out the old way of broadcasting media.
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY: Supporters will receive a monthly report of all revenues and expenses, highlighting what important features we have added and what new capabilities becoming possible as the supporter base grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you asking for funds? What has happened to your team and revenue over the past 2 years?

In 2015 and 2016, CE generated $1.1 million and $1.5 million in revenue. We were able to support our staff, help other media organizations, donate to various projects and dream up cool projects and work ourselves. Things have changed a lot since then. Facebook reach and overall censorship has been a huge issue, and we’ve seen a loss of about 80% of our revenue.

Luckily, we saved a lot of money during those periods as for a period of 18 months, we lost money. In July of 2018 things changed a bit as our new members platform began to produce some revenue and we were able to break even. But, this also meant sending most of our staff part time. This is simply the reality of what has happened to independent media that isn’t funded by a billionaire financier or its community.

So, in order to bring our staff back full time, and bring on more to properly achieve what we hope to in order to bring conscious media to the masses, we’re asking our community to become stakeholders in our work by supporting financially. This direct action is the power needed to help inform people in a way that will truly create change. As you will see in our ‘Where does your money go section’, we are in need of a few key positions here at CE. We must work to get there fast in order to sustain our work and maintain its quality.

Where does the money go? (Transparency of our funds)

Currently, funds collected from supporters will go to cover our monthly costs associated with staff, running the website, office/studio rent costs, and other necessities for us to operate.

As of Sept 24th 2018, our costs are as follows:

Journalists/Video Team: $18,930/mnth (Many on part time hours)

Office/Studio Rent: $3000/mnth

Software/Subscriptions: $1900/mnth

Marketing/Distrubution: $3000/mnth

IT costs: $2800/mnth

Insurance: $300/mnth

Total = $29,930/mnth

Our Current Revenue

Members platform: $20,000/mnth

Advertising: $8500/mnth

What We Need ASAP

Staff at Full time hours: $31,480/mnth

Content Editor: $4000/mnth

Second Video creator: $4000/mnth

Full Time social Media Manager: $3500/mnth

2 More Full Time Journalists $8000/mnth

Community Manager: $3500/mnth

Float for Misc expenses: $1620/mnth

Total = $60,000/mnth


As We Gain More Support We Plan To:

Investigative Team $16,000/mnth

Marketing/Distribution/Ads $15,000/mnth

Travel $10000/mnth

Freelancer Budget (Article/Video Acquisition) $8000

How do your funding phases work?

Each phase is designed to take us to the next level of expanding conscious media. We have based these numbers on 10 years of experience and reviewing other independent media outlet budgets.

1 – Sustainability Phase – 20,000 community supporters required.

We have the ability to go ad-free on our website for ALL users. We bring our staff back full time and continue to expand upon our articles, videos, podcasts, hire a content editor and a few more staff to relieve the over-work our team is currently experiencing.

2 – Empowerment – 65,000 community supporters required.

We are able to finally reach our dream of having an investigative team for true DEEP dives on stories. We build and manage a community platform for collaboration and discussion with readers.

3 – Thrivability – 120,000 community supporters.

We are in a space where we can truly see conscious media thrive in our world. Imagine seeing a daily broadcast! We could hold conferences focused on these subjects, make our way into worldwide discussion, and have a voice more powerful than that of the mainstream media.

Is censorship really that bad? How has it affected you?

It depends on how you look at it. Reach cuts on Facebook have cost us about 80% of our monthly revenue. It also makes it hard for us to reach our audience we worked so hard to build. Is censorship built into that? Absolutely. We know that as mainstream outlets and ‘safe’ content is not experiencing the same cuts.

Below is an image of our reach graphs on Facebook when mainstream media articles were released about ‘FAKE NEWS.’ We instantly began seeing a drop. This drop continued up until now in 2018, where our overall reach would not even be clear to read on that graph as it’s so low.

Beyond this, censorship is an interesting word. We are well aware of the Facebook pages that have been deleted recently, and we feel there is a lot more to that particular story than what many of those page owners are stating. Yes, censorship is happening, but what is also happening is a lot things are being cleaned up, and many people are being asked to truly focus on whether or not their work is coming from their heart or not.

For us, we’ve seen dramatic reach cuts on Facebook, and search engine traffic cuts have also happened from Google. We know this is going on, but we feel there is always a solution and this is why we’re working to build this community off Facebook.

Do we fear being shut down? No, because we know this is what the planet needs and conscious media is what will serve humanity best into the future. We simply have to find ways around the favorship that is being handed to mainstream media by tech giants.

What happened with your IndieGoGo?

In October of 2016, we raised $76,000 to help kickstart our new conscious news platform. With this platform we hoped to have a daily recap, a lot more investigative journalism and do regular video stories. We wanted to fill a missing gap in the way quality news was told from a truth and conscious perspective.

The money raised was a big help in getting things started, however by Dec of the same year, we saw a 35% reach cut on Facebook, essentially meaning a 35% cut to our revenue.

By June 2017, we saw another 20% cut, and by Dec 2017, another 30%.

This meant that while we had some kickstart money to begin a large project, we also lost most of our momentum and steam from our reach and other revenue sources, and eventually had to slow things down on the project. In 2017 we posted a loss of over $250,000 as a result of revenue cuts by Facebook.

So we re-focused and began building new ways of generating revenue to get ourselves to a point where we could thrive. However, more reach cuts came in 2018.

It wasn’t until July 2018 when we started putting up monthly numbers where we were no longer losing money. As of Novemeber, 2018, we have not been able to expand much beyond this and are currently not fully sustaining.

We have plans with our new CETV platform to generate revenue, but because we opted not to generate any kickstart funding because of what happened in the past, it has been a grind.

As of Dec 26th, 2018, we have launched CETV and hope to get our company on track by mid 2019 and then bring our news station project back into the picture.

A big part of why we are doing this CMM campaign is to get consistent and secure revenue so we can do our work.

With all this difficulty in seeing your work, what are the best ways to stay updated?

User behaviour is changing, which is great. We are already seeing hundreds of thousands of you join our email list which is a great way to go.

With some of the funds we raise, we are going to be finalizing our mobile app which will put our content RIGHT in your hands.

We also recommend going directly to our website each day to find our content. No one can censor the actions you directly choose to take! 🙂

We also are active and recommend subscribing on: