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S1 EP10

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Join astrologer Carmen Di Luccio and host Amanda Monteiro as they go in depth on how Saturn will affect each sun sign and take a look what happened in history the last few times that Saturn was in Capricorn.

Aquarius – This period is about figuring what it is that you truly value. Some Aquarians may also notice some financial challenges or restrictions. If so, it could either be connected to value systems that no longer serve you or the need to bring in more structure and discipline around how you manage personal money and resources. Redefining your sense of self worth could also be a theme.

Pisces – The next three years is about restructuring your mind and mental patterns. The way you communicate and listen to others may also need to change as well. Relations with siblings or extended family may go through a revision. Making changes in your immedate environment could also be theme which would be a reflection of a shift in your thinking.

Carmen: instagram.com/carmendiluccio/   carmendiluccio.com/
Amanda: instagram.com/amontyy/

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