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S1 EP11

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Join astrologer Carmen Di Luccio and host Amanda Monteiro as they go in depth on how the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and the Modes (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) affect each sign and how they communicate with other signs as well.

Carmen: instagram.com/carmendiluccio/   carmendiluccio.com/
Amanda: instagram.com/amontyy/

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  • Samuel Helms

    March 3, 2018

    Awesome video!

    I had a birth chart done once and was amazed how informative it was. Although, I never really understood the Elements and Modes, and this is an excellent introduction the ideas! Ms. Monterio asked if we resonate with Mr. Di Luccio’s descriptions. Yes!

    As a Scorpio, the “block of ice” analogy makes a lot of sense. For example, people tell me that I often appear perfectly calm in stressful situations. I find that funny because I am certainly not calm inside! Externally, I may appear calm, cold, and reserved, but inside I am a nervous wreck about to explode. (The Astrologer that read my chart said “beware the smiling Scorpio,” I loved that.) Sometimes that is me being “guarded,” in the sense that a work meeting is not the place to have an emotional explosion 🙂

    “Obsessive emotions” have been an issue all my life, and the birth chart reading provided context as to where that came from. It can take me an astonishingly long time to “get over” something, negative emotions in particular.

    Astrology is actionable in this context. Knowing that my chart suggests strong, but contained, emotions helps me freak out about them less—in the sense of awareness leading to healing. For example, I do not handle long-term stressful situations well. Being a Scorpio (and three planets in Scorpio) provides context as to why. It is not that I am “weak,” which is what I used to tell myself and obsess about, it is my Scorpio influences coming through.

    Do the Elements and Modes contribute to the interpretation of planets in the signs? For example, Mars in Scorpio seems like a volatile mix, like a pressure cooker in a block of ice.

    • Amanda Monteiro

      May 10, 2018

      Yeah I definitely agree! Learning about these tools totally gave me a better understanding of the Natal Chart, and how my signs respond. See, it’s information like this that the mainstream hasn’t a clue about! We only are ever given a fraction of the truth.

    • Carmen Di Luccio

      May 10, 2018

      Yes…Each sign is a different element and mode which is a main factor in how that sign expresses itself, therefore affecting how the planet expresses itself in that sign.