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We were in the desert last year at Contact In The Desert shooting interviews for a new project we were working on called Life After Disclosure. We interviewed secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode in the beautiful desert at sunset. We spoke to him about a number of key topics around disclosure, how humanity can prepare, the importance of interacting with ET’s and what our world might look like over the next few years as disclosure continues to unfold. *We apologize for not having the GOOD audio on this interview.

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  • Miguel Silva

    October 22, 2017

    Even with new password I cannot see this interview, has it been censored ??

  • Sharmini Gana

    November 25, 2017

    Wow this is INsightful info & <30min, well done Joe & CE Team!

    Loved how Corey explains timelines & co-creating consciousness + how life will change with free energy, food replicators, longevity technology etc. ***KNOW THYSELF is key*** including Seeing & Accepting ALL our dark parts + Strengthening our Inner Connection.

    "We will be Captain of our own lives vs. Free Range Slaves" — amazing.

    • Joe Martino

      December 5, 2017

      Incredible stuff eh? I absolutely loved doing this interview! Was one of my favorites. Have you check out the Wilcock one? It’s also VERY good.

  • Allen Davis

    November 28, 2017

    Love the video. However it was hard to hear what Corey had to say, especially with the wind blowing.

    • Joe Martino

      December 5, 2017

      I hear you! We had a tough time in this setting. We were in the Joshua Tree Desert and unfortunately the wind actually picked up right when we were filming. Were you able to hear it enough to understand it? We might be able to work to try and fix the audio a bit more.