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We talk to long time breatharian Kirby De Lanerolle about his journey with fasting, food and exploring human potential. We explore the question: do humans really need to eat food? Or even as much as we are often told? Kirby talks to us about the various ways humans can actually get energy to fuel ourselves, some related to food and some not. You can find out more about Kirby’s work at: wowlife.in

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  • Omar Erlingsson

    April 27, 2017

    Very good interview, like the info.
    something that I have shown an interest to and this interview is the info,
    I feel most inspiring of what I have seen.

  • Sidney U Fellows

    April 17, 2018

    I watched this last night and today I fasted for half a day while also doing my regular run. I felt great about the idea of connecting to my spirit for the purpose. I will not say I plan to frequently fast throughout my weeks, but ultimately I will integrate this practice more and more and see how it goes. Much thanks to Collective Evolution and all your beautiful work. 🙂

  • Susan Waldemar

    August 20, 2018

    So interesting. Love the analogy of the trees dropping their fruits and then getting re-nurished by those decomposing fruits, comparing how our fruits (love, joy, peace, etc.) get robbed and we lose our energy and must then have food. It makes sense in a way to me. This came to me at a very good time as I’m on the second day of an 8 day fast. My body told me, through kinesiology, that I needed 8 days of no food. This interview and the ideas expressed are really inspiring and I know will help and encourage me to finish the fast. And then after that? Hmm….. Thank you so much!