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Ep. 21- A Different Perspective On Q

Joe provides a different perspective on what Q might actually be in the scheme of Intel. Is it a plan to awaken the world? Or the changing of leadership? What does this mean for humanity's awakening?

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Ep. 30 - Why Greta Thunburg Is Huge, But Standing Rock Wasn't

A parallel many haven't considered, why was there so little attention paid to Standing Rock in the media yet Greta Thunburg is the world's biggest star at the moment?

Ep. 29 - Are You Feeling Lost In Life?

Joe talks about how you can reflect on connection in your life, determine whether various aspects of connection are missing, and then how you can re-connect with yourself deeply.

Ep. 28 - Our Political System Is NOT Broken At All

People often say our political and economic systems are broken, when in reality they are not at all - they function exactly as they are designed to. It's time we look at shifting consciousness to create a new system.

Ep. 27 - Jordan Peterson's Controversial Thoughts On Climate Change

Joe discusses Jordan Peterson's highly controversial thoughts on climate change that precisely match that of CE's findings over the past 10 years. While Peterson's thoughts don't match mainstream rhetoric, he's not wrong about what he brings forth as facts and observations.

New Study: Fire Did Not Cause WTC7 To Collapse

A brand new study out of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has confirmed that there is no possible way World Trade Centre 7 could have fallen due to fires. Evidence points to a controlled demolition. They will make the data from this study available and completely transparent to the public shortly.

Ep. 25 - Did Trump Really Stop Chemtrails?

People are claiming Trump has stopped chemtrails. The rumor traces back to Serial Brain 2, a YouTube channel that attempts to decode Trump's messages. Joe discusses why we have to start thinking more critically and bringing in intuition.

Ep. 24 - Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Exposes Deep State 'Soft Coup'

A story that is just not getting enough attention, Patrick Byrne is bringing attention to a 'soft-coup' that has been going on in the US since 2015-2016. What is that coup exactly? We discuss our thoughts on this as this story develops.

Ep. 23 - Time Magazine Claims Conspiracies Are Dangerous

We're back! In this episode, Joe Martino talks about a recent Time article discussing the danger of conspiracy theories and why the mainstream now has to take them seriously due to the fact that they are apparently tearing apart society.

Ep. 23 - 1000's of Bones Found In The Vatican

1000s of bones belonging to what is believed to be about 12 bodies have been found in an area of the Vatican where they shouldn't be. We dive into an analysis that includes the story of missing girl Emanuela Orlandi and how this entire story could reveal satanic rituals and pedophilia in the Vatican.