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EP 2


With so many popular movie stars and musicians losing their lives unexpectedly at young ages… Is there any outside influence as to why this is happening? In this episode, we take a closer look at the story of Marilyn Monroe …

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  • Mike Druydd

    October 30, 2017

    Hello Joe and All:

    This is a great platform and I enjoy the carefree style. That’s how Creativity works and I hope you’ll continue to flow with this as like you mentioned, it’s a form of transparency not often seen – if at all!

    Facebook ….. I wish there was another way of getting CE out there. Personally, I’ve never liked Facebook and my gut feeling(?) I don’t trust it. It’s always felt volitile and toxic to me and there’s something nonhuman about it, and I’m honest with myself here hoping I’m not projecting some of my own shit on it. I think what bothers me most about FB is that it gives the impression that the importance of life-hood matters, are simply here today and gone tomorrow and nothing really matters – don’t take the time for remuneration or contemplation – just scroll down to the next big drama.

    I didn’t discover CE by going to Facebook. I discovered CE through the Google News Feeds. I kept being drawn to articles produced by this CE situ., featured via the Google News Feeds, and one day I googled CE, read your mission statement, and that’s the same day I joined. There are other ways.

    You all are fun to watch in action – most especially, Joe’s LizardCraw! You’ve got some reptilian left in you Bro!

    Hugs All Around,
    Mike Druydd~

    • Joe Martino

      December 5, 2017

      Hey Mike! Thanks for sharing! We share the same feelings in that I wish there were more effective ways to get CE out there.. mainly through channels or places people pay attention to. It’s tough when Facebook keeps clamping down and we can’t seem to generate something somewhere else to get things consistent. But I believe something is coming and we will keep doing what we’re doing to make it work not matter what 🙂

      The good ol crawl in that episode was a surprise to everyone at the time as I just jumped down and did it lol. Maybe it was some left over reptilian programming.. 😉

  • Sharine Borslien

    October 8, 2018

    Hi Joe and everyone at CE.

    I am a new member as of September 2018, and this is the first of the enumerated Episodes that I have watched. I enjoyed it but was left wondering why there was not “a closer look” at Marilyn Manson’s death and the purported extrapolation of early deaths of popular celebrities.

    Thank you!