The Contactee Experience

An Exclusive Interview with Susan Manewich Exploring The Most In Depth Study Ever Done On Contactees and The One Common Message They All Receive

What you will learn:

  • Susan Manewich, a contactee herself, shares her incredible contact experience
  • We explore the largest body of research ever published about contact experiences
  • Find out which beings are most commonly seen
  • What happens during a contact experience
  • How to discern various types of contact experiences
  • What the intentions are of specific beings
  • The message we can all take from contact experiences

What others are saying about the Interview...

Jenn Rad

Very Nice discussion/interview. Love her attitude and insights. Thank you for offering this on CE.

Peter de Bruijn

Thanks again for this very interesting interview. My knowledge goes deeper and deeper every time I tune in on your site. Thank you for all the good work.

Anthony Tabala

This was an incredible interview! Such great questions and deep knowledge from you both. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming parts of this. Thanks guys!


This was so good! Excellent questions Joe! You are a great interviewer. Loved Susan can’t wait to watch more.

Jae Maurice Maurice

Phenomenal interview. Looking very forward to hearing more from Susan. Thank you both.

Meet The Expert

Susan Manewich

Susan is the current president of The New Energy Movement. She has published research in the book Beyond UFO’s: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence. Susan's current mission is to shed light on the truth about contactee experiences bringing forth the largest body of research ever published about contact experiences. Her own contactee experiences, her extensive and published contactee research and the incredible details and notes found within the research all point to one common and clear message for us all. We have interviewed a lot of people, and this was definitely one of the most fascinating interviews we have done for the very reason that it brought together details of not only the contactee experience, but what it may mean for the future of humanity.

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