FREE Screening: The Shift In Consciousness

"The Most Important Time In Human History And How To Take Our Power Back"

What you will learn:

  • What the SHIFT in consciousness actually is
  • The important role you play within the shift
  • Why things are moving a little more slowly with the shift
  • Why we need to dive deeper into our personal work to create change
  • What is stopping certain solutions from coming forward
  • What Oneness consciousness is
  • How we can begin visualizing and bringing in Oneness consciousness

What others are saying about the Interview...

Marie Dawkes

Great interview,franco always brings me back in balance,so good to listen to both of you.ive watched you for years good questions,need to watch a few times to absorb all the infomation.

Tim True

Wow, that was amazing! Everything said resonates so much with me, it was as if I was hearing the truth of our existence that I have always known but was programmed to resist before. A lot of what was said is what I have going on in my head all the time, now I know why. Thanks to all you folks there at CE for putting this stuff out here, I am excited for the next one. Peace and love to all.

Peter de Bruijn

Thank you for the fantastic interview. I didn't know Franco, but listening to him talking is so sincere. He must be a very old soul. Thank you for all the good work Joe.

Ashtar-Athena SherAn

Excellent interview, thank you so much Joe for presenting Franco Denicola. His infornation tallies very much with what I've also been shown . This is hugely helpful for everyone to understand as we go through this collective shift together.

Rhett Buttler

Very good interview! A lot of knowledge and exchange of questions and answers that all of us ask ourselves all the time. Thank You for your great work!

Rosemary Carter

I watched twice and found it enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking. Is the game just another attachment?

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