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How CE’s Explorer Lounge Works


Introducing CE’s Explorer Lounge

We combine media exploring what goes on in the world, with deep truths that help shift our lives and our consciousness.

Everyone is talking about creating change outside of ourselves. The but the challenge is this: we will never create lasting change in the world if we don’t create lasting change in ourselves first.

We take a radically different and effective approach to creating change in ways that go right to the core of each of us. Change you can feel immediately. Change from within.

The explorer lounge philosophy was built by personal growth expert and conscious media pioneer Joe Martino. Combining a focus to reflect on self with understanding the true workings of our world, the Lounge allows people to rapidly shift their consciousness, and perspectives to live and contribute from their highest potential.

Exploring consciousness together to inspire change from within

Joe has built one of the largest conscious media companies in the world reaching over 1.5 billion people, and has tailored the formula to create personal growth from media based on 10 years of exploring everything it takes to create a shift in consciousness within individuals and the collective.

One powerfully unique aspect of the explorer lounge is that Joe and the CE team will help guide you to turn these everyday discoveries into shifts in consciousness by relating them to what they mean for us individually and why they are playing out in our lives. Things happen for a reason, and we are constantly exploring what we can each get out of life’s experiences.

You will hear from experts on many of the biggest subjects surrounding consciousness and truth. You will have access to webinars that will guide you to make shifts in your consciousness and align with your soul's purpose. You will connect with the CE team and like minded people on the same journey as you, so you can get all feel supported and connected on your journey. Together, we'll collaborate to make a huge impact on ourselves which in turn makes an impact our world.

Conscious media and webinars to help you become more self-aware and live from your highest potential.

When you subcribe you immediately get access to the Explorer Lounge and all of the content listed below:


Weekly webinars to learn how to align with your soul purpose, improve your self-belief to become the best version of yourself, and live to your highest potential every day.

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5 Days of You Challenge

Discover on a soul level who you are, why you are here, and what is next for you on your journey. The 5-day challenge with help become more self-aware, and align your passions and your strengths to make a greater impact on earth.

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Extended News Interviews

Stay up to date on the truth of what is happening in the world and learn the latest from leading experts in the consciousness realm on the most recent ideas and discoveries on our planet.

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Behind the Scenes

Transparency is key for building a trustworthy relationship. Get an exclusive inside look at all that goes on inside the CE office where you get to meet the CE Team and help them bring the most conscious news to the planet.

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The leading minds in the consciousness realm share practical knowledge of how to integrate conscious ideas into our existing world to heal ourselves, and influence REAL change in our world.

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Join professional astrologer Carmen Di Luccio for a weekly astrology report where he breaks down the influence that the cosmos are having on your life and on earth through these intense times of change.

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Get access to Collective Evolution’s three documentaries. Travel the world with Joe Martino as he discovers what it is going to take to make a huge shift in consciousness and co-create a sustainable future.

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Connect and collaborate with the online community to influence real change in our world.

The private Facebook group is the perfect platform to hold space for us all to connect on a daily basis. Support and accountability are fundamental to personal growth and creating big or even small changes on our planet. Support other people on their personal journeys, vent your feelings when you need compassionate ears to listen, post pictures to inspire others, and connect with the CE team to contribute to the conscious media movement.

In the group we:

  • Post new Explorer Lounge content weekly
  • Guide you through the online courses
  • Discuss conscious media w/ the CE Team
  • Support each other on our journeys

Innovative Conscious Media You Can Trust

  • Collective evolution is an amazing organization that helps people to grow and evolve in every aspect, it help them discover who they are and what's their purpose in this life, the CE also inspires people and motivates them to keep moving forward even when things get hard with their amazing quotes and challenges and it also goes above the illusions and shows us the world in its true colors and how things really stand.
    Kevin Kohek Kevin Kohek
  • Collective Evolution is one of the most reliable alternative news websites out there. The quality and accuracy of their work continues to grow and reach out to more of the mainstream masses everyday. I believe this is because they have truly surpassed the genre of just a "new age" website, to a high quality source of news that isn't available on TV. I have no hesitancy using them as a source or suggesting others to check out their creations. They are regarded as one of the best spiritual, scientific and current event-based websites out there. I deeply admire what they have done and am honored to have worked with them in the past.
    Dria Laredo Dria Laredo Co-Creator Of Spirit Science
  • Collective Evolution is revolutionary journalism focused on sharing truth. Not the easiest task in this day and age but they have nailed it. Love reading their articles and opening up my mind to seeing things in new and different perspective. I always recommend CE to my friends as a great source to explore.
    Karin Volo Karin Volo Chief Joy Bringer,
  • Collective Evolution shares real news and consciousness expanding perspectives with their audience, helping to open the minds of millions of people worldwide that the mainstream media wants to shut down.
    Andrew Meyer Andrew Meyer
  • CE is a flashlight illuminating the shadows in the collective narrative. Grounded in evidence and facts that stretch beyond the mainstream agenda-based news, CE seeks to expand the understanding of ourselves and the world around us to uplift our awareness, offering a broader perspective to support our collective evolution.
    Darshana Patel Darshana Patel

Help make conscious media mainstream and be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

With over 1.5 billion views of our content under our belt, we are continuing to take things to the next level. We have the audience, authenticity, track record and high-quality content, we are now pushing to make conscious media mainstream.

We're staying away from being funded by corporations. We know where that leads. Our message will likely change and become compromised and we don't want that...and we don't think you would either.

By you joining our Explorer Lounge, not only do you get a ton of content and benefits from the lounge, but you are DIRECTLY funding our efforts. Your support will help cover the costs to continue to grow and provide the world with conscious news media.

Most importantly, you're supporting the kind of media that you want! This is one of the most powerful parts of being an Explorer Lounge member. You also get the opportunity to have a say in what gets put on our news network — you can suggest stories, things to investigate, and more!

The CE Team has got your back!

It is our goal to ensure that you get the best experience as an EL member. On a daily basis, Joe and the community managers will be available to support and connect with you inside the private Facebook group or via email. The CE team will reach out to hear your ideas, and feedback on CE NEWS articles, videos and more! Know that you can always reach us directly at

On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with our triple satisfaction guarantee:

Results - We work with incredible teachers in the heart-based, conscious realm that deliver real, lasting results.

Variety - CE is known for its powerful conscious media content. Our courses, webinars and shows will completely raise the bar.

You're In Control - When you become a member you get instant access to the Explorer Lounge and private Facebook group. You can access the explorer lounge from your cell phone, laptop, iPad or desktop. You can cancel anytime if you feel it does not help you make a shift.

Choose your plan and click the Join Now button below to become a member and support CE!

Webinars and Shows to become the greatest version of yourself
Extended News Interviews with world-leaders in the consciousness realm
Access to the Private Facebook Group and Behind the Scenes to connect, and collaborate
Support CE NEWS and the conscious media movement to influence change in our world
CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat

Monthly Plan

$14.99 per month

Monthly payment. Cancel anytime.

  • Webinars and Shows to become the greatest version of yourself
  • Extended News Interviews with world-leaders in the consciousness realm
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group and Behind the Scenes to connect, and collaborate
  • Support CE NEWS and the conscious media movement to influence change in our world
  • CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat

Premium Plan

$199 then $149 per year

A 1 year membership and CE Gift Pack.

  • Webinars and Shows to become the greatest version of yourself
  • Extended News Interviews with world-leaders in the consciousness realm
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group and Behind the Scenes to connect, and collaborate
  • Support CE NEWS and the conscious media movement to influence change in our world
  • CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find out that the Explorer Lounge is not what you expected we offer a 14-day money back guarantee because we do not want to waste your precious time and money. We also trust if you become a member, then you are ready for this commitment to become the greatest versions of yourself and influence change on our planet. We also trust that if you have any questions along the way that you will ask us for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract?

No, you can cancel your Explorer Lounge subscription any time from your own account! See instructions in the next question below. However you will lose access to your entire library of conscious media and transformational content.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, email

Will I be getting a refund when I cancel?

If you had signed for the monthly or annual program, yes, you will have a refund period of 14 days. It is quite simple; if within 14 days after enrolling and going through the EL content, if you don’t get life-changing results, you can ask us for a complete refund.

What do I get immediate access to?

You get access to all existing Explorer Lounge content and entry into the private Facebook group to meet other members and engage daily.

How often is new content added?

New content is added 1-3 times per week.

Does this really influence change on the planet?

Yes! Change starts from within which is the main focus of the online community and Explorer Lounge content. As we more deeply discover who we are, why we are, and empower ourselves to live from our highest potential we can contribute and collaborate with the CE Team and other members to make a real impact. The future is very bright!

Support independent, conscious journalism and become a member of the CE online community today!