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Anna Rodgers

This was truly incredible to say I feel like I’ve learnt so much from this video everything has fallen into perspective much more than before because a lot of the cabal stuff used to confuse me a little bit but David has made it so clear he is an absolute legend. What a mind he has an wow what a memory. Well done CE for interviewing him this is such important information.

Karl Edwards

I am massively taken back by this effort. I am open-minded and educated enough on these topics to move forward with the alliance. Thank you for sharing this data and info. It does come across as wacky and something deep down inside me is showing me the light. I have learned so much more from this video. Thanks to all involved.

Diane Renna

Thanks Joe Martino…I finally just watched the whole thing with my husband & then my daughter watched some as well. I feel we as a collective humanity are waking up & moving in the right direction.

Sharmini Gana

Wow this is INsightful info & +30min, well done Joe & CE Team! "We will be Captain of our own lives vs. Free Range Slaves" — amazing.




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