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How CE’s Explorer Lounge Works


Change starts from within.

We are at an unprecedented time in human history where major changes have never been more needed. The challenge is this: we will never create lasting change in the world if we don’t create lasting change in ourselves first.

Almost 9 years ago I started Collective Evolution to help people re-think what it means to be a human in this world and what we're truly capable of. I started to do this through empowering individuals with information.

But as I continued to learn, grow and evolve, I discovered that this path was more challenging than I had anticipated, and I'm sure you can relate to what I experienced:

  • At first, I was afraid of what would happen when I took the leap to commit to this new journey
  • I struggled many times along the way, feeling like I wanted to give up
  • I was criticized and attacked for the work that I was doing
  • I lost many friends and was finding it more and more difficult to connect with people around me
  • I wanted to move on from certain things in my life cause they didn't make sense anymore, but I wasn't sure how
  • I felt overwhelmed with my vision and how I could get it to become reality
  • I would doubt whether or not my work and vision was good enough.. or even whether or not I was good enough

I even felt at times like the entire planet was designed to go against what I was trying to do! But there was no way that I was going to back down...

Exploring consciousness together to inspire change from within

I began to use a radically different and effective approach to creating change in ways that hits right at the core. This is the kind of change that is real and lasting. And with the help of world-class conscious experts from around the world, that is what I want to share with you...

The Explorer Lounge is a media and education platform that offers a long-term solution to shift the collective consciousness - starting with YOU.

If you are looking for a quick fix this is not the place for you. This is a place for people who are looking to do the work that will transform themselves and this world. You will face yourself, shift your limiting beliefs, clear your emotional blockages, and transform into the greatest version of yourself...

But you won't have to do it alone. Myself, the CE team, and a empathetic group of like-minded people on a similar journey will be there every step of the way for support.

  • Collective evolution is an amazing organization that helps people to grow and evolve in every aspect, it help them discover who they are and what's their purpose in this life, the CE also inspires people and motivates them to keep moving forward even when things get hard with their amazing quotes and challenges and it also goes above the illusions and shows us the world in its true colors and how things really stand.
    Kevin Kohek Kevin Kohek

  • CE is a flashlight illuminating the shadows in the collective narrative. Grounded in evidence and facts that stretch beyond the mainstream agenda-based news, CE seeks to expand the understanding of ourselves and the world around us to uplift our awareness, offering a broader perspective to support our collective evolution.
    Darshana Patel Darshana Patel

Introducing CE's Explorer Lounge

As an Explorer Lounge member you will get access to all of the content listed below and the secret Facebook Group:


Online program, classes, and events that teach you how to make shifts in consciousness creating lasting results.


Watch all 8 modules of training videos with Joe to learn how to stay aligned with your life vision and live from your highest potential.


Watch one hour online training sessions with world-class coaches, trainers, and teachers. New classes added monthly.


Participate in weekly and monthly group challenges to connect and grow with others.

  • ONLINE RETREATS coming soon

Attend two-day weekend online retreats, with special guests, from the comfort of your own home.


Conscious media to entertain, educate, and inform you as we explore the shift in consciousness.


Stay up to date with the latest from leading experts in the consciousness realm.


Implement practical knowledge from world-class experts to transform your life.


Go behind the scenes at the CE office, watch our documentaries, or read our magazines.


Get daily inspiration the from the CE Team and other like-minded people in the secret online community.


Connect, collaborate, and grow together on a daily basis.


Support other people on their personal journeys, as they support you.


New Explorer Lounge content is posted weekly by the CE Team and sent in a weekly email as well.

  • Collective Evolution is one of the most reliable alternative news websites out there. The quality and accuracy of their work continues to grow and reach out to more of the mainstream masses everyday. I believe this is because they have truly surpassed the genre of just a "new age" website, to a high quality source of news that isn't available on TV. I have no hesitancy using them as a source or suggesting others to check out their creations. They are regarded as one of the best spiritual, scientific and current event-based websites out there. I deeply admire what they have done and am honored to have worked with them in the past.
    Dria Laredo Dria Laredo Co-Creator Of Spirit Science

  • Collective Evolution is revolutionary journalism focused on sharing truth. Not the easiest task in this day and age but they have nailed it. Love reading their articles and opening up my mind to seeing things in new and different perspective. I always recommend CE to my friends as a great source to explore.
    Karin Volo Karin Volo Chief Joy Bringer,

  • Collective Evolution shares real news and consciousness expanding perspectives with their audience, helping to open the minds of millions of people worldwide that the mainstream media wants to shut down.
    Andrew Meyer Andrew Meyer

Why Join?

By committing to the Lounge you will experience:

  • Moving past limiting beliefs and self-doubt by shifting your perspective and mindset from scarcity to sufficiency leading to more self-acceptance and self-worth.
  • Ending self-sabotaging behaviours and feeling like you are not enough by facing your fears and learning how to properly love and take care of yourself creating a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • Creating more meaningful connections in your life, in both your online and offline worlds, and no longer feel like you are all alone or not even from this planet, to begin with.
  • Putting an end to procrastination by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who hold you accountable and inspire you ultimately helping you improve your overall confidence.
  • Having a clear vision and goals with direction to help you focus, stay organized and be more productive without having to fall off track every time you seem to try and move forward.
  • Knowing you are on the right path by aligning with your purpose and passions to live a life of impact and influence making the world a better place.
  • Feeling less distracted and in a state of avoidance by maintaining a clear connection to your higher self.
  • Feeling like the world is actually shifting around you as your perception, confidence, focus, and actions shift.

The CE Team has got your back!

It is our goal to ensure that you get the best experience as an EL member. On a daily basis, Joe and the community managers will be available to support and connect with you inside the private Facebook group or via email. The CE team will reach out to hear your ideas, and feedback on CE NEWS articles, videos and more! Know that you can always reach us directly at

On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with our triple satisfaction guarantee:

Results - We work with incredible teachers in the heart-based, conscious realm that deliver real, lasting results.

Variety - CE is known for its powerful conscious media content. Our masterclasses, extended interviews and conscious shows completely raise the bar.

You're In Control - When you become a member you get instant access to the Explorer Lounge and secret Facebook group. You can access the explorer lounge from your cell phone, laptop, iPad or desktop. You can cancel anytime if you feel it does not help you make a shift. Are you in?

Choose your plan and click the Join Now button below to become a member!

If you are ready to commit to YOU, then together we will make a greater impact in our world!


  • A Program, Masterclasses, and Challenges to help you align with your purpose and passions
  • Extended News Interviews and Conscious Shows with world-leaders in the consciousness realm
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group and Behind the Scenes to connect, and collaborate
  • To create a HUGE ripple in the collective consciousness through group collaboration and BEing the change!
Watch anywhere, cancel anytime.
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12 months for the price of 10.
CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat

Monthly Plan

$24.99 per month

  • Watch anywhere, cancel anytime.
  • 100% Ad-Free
  • 12 months for the price of 10.
  • CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat

Premium Plan

$249 then $199 per year

  • Watch anywhere, cancel anytime.
  • 100% Ad-Free
  • 12 months for the price of 10.
  • CE GIFT PACK including a t-shirt, and hat
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find out that the Explorer Lounge is not what you expected we offer a 14-day money back guarantee because we do not want to waste your precious time and money. We also trust if you become a member, then you are ready for this commitment to become the greatest versions of yourself and influence change on our planet. We also trust that if you have any questions along the way that you will ask us for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract?

No, you can cancel your Explorer Lounge subscription any time from your own account! See instructions in the next question below. However you will lose access to your entire library of conscious media and transformational content.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, email

Will I be getting a refund when I cancel?

If you had signed for the monthly or annual program, yes, you will have a refund period of 14 days. It is quite simple; if within 14 days after enrolling and going through the EL content, if you don’t get life-changing results, you can ask us for a complete refund.

What do I get immediate access to?

You get access to all existing Explorer Lounge content and entry into the private Facebook group to meet other members and engage daily.

How often is new content added?

New content is added 1-3 times per week.

Does this really influence change on the planet?

Yes! Change starts from within which is the main focus of the online community and Explorer Lounge content. As we more deeply discover who we are, why we are, and empower ourselves to live from our highest potential we can contribute and collaborate with the CE Team and other members to make a real impact. The future is very bright!

In Transparency - Why is there a membership fee to join?

Hi, my name is Joe Martino, I’m the founder of Collective Evolution and my goal is to help inspire shifts in individuals’ consciousness which will help shift the entire world. This is why we do what we do here at CE.

First off, I’m a real person, with a heart and soul like the rest of us. My journey began via a shift in my life that made me want to help shift consciousness on this planet and make the world a better place. We’re not a huge corporation that has hundreds of people working here. We’re a small family of 10 people who fully love what we do and do it with heart. That’s the truth.

Since the very beginning of CE, we’ve always put all our content out for free. I spent all the money I had to start and keep CE going in the early years. Even when we made our documentaries, we released them using the freemium model which meant millions of people could access and share this information for free to everyone. Our goal has always been to shift consciousness and get the word & truth out as far as we can.

But we, like everyone, require money to do what we do, so how do we make money?

At CE we have a number of different ways we generate the funds needed to do what we do. In the beginning, it was all donation based. This was because, for a while, it was just one or sometimes two people doing the work. But after a couple years, this changed and more people began to get involved. We started to write multiple pieces of content every single day and our audience began to grow, which grew our need for more help too.

What we have now done is taken our work to a whole new level and have created a platform full of powerful and meaningful conscious media content including masterclasses, extended interviews, conscious shows, and much more that will help people create a deep shift in consciousness within themselves.

Our goal was to truly provide value in something we’re highly connected to and passionate about, and to impact your life in a meaningful way all while giving us the chance to fund our work.

For Collective Evolution to operate on a monthly basis, including the costs of the Explorer Lounge, is up to $50,000. That is the reality of what it takes for CE to do what it does and make an impact that we do.

Because of these efforts in monetizing our work to keep expanding and bringing conscious media and learning content to the world, we have had our content viewed over 1.5 billion times in the last 8 years. Effectively helping to make a change in the lives of millions of people. This is our goal and mission.

We have always maintained integrity as a top priority and although we may have made small mistakes here and there as we realized some people or companies weren’t acting with that same integrity, we always worked to make it right by not working with those people in the future.

Until money isn’t needed on this planet, we will continue to integrally and ethically make it while doing good with it just as we always have. We certainly know in our hearts that this is the way to go.

Thanks for supporting CE, investing in YOU and helping to make true lasting consciousness shifts more common in our world.

Or choose your plan and click the Join Now button below to become a member!

Monthly Plan

$24.99 per month

Premium Plan

$249 then $199 per year

Change from within and influence real change in our world with Collective Evolution and world-class conscious experts!