Learn how to BE the greatest version of yourself and influence REAL change in our world

An online program to help you create a purposeful and authentic life.

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Heart Centered

Overcome your limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset to find your inner voice and create a heart-centered life.


Discover deeper meaning in your life and break-free from habits and behaviours that are no longer serving you.


Tap into new levels of confidence and self-worth, and move on from your past to create the relationships and life of your dreams.

Greater Impact

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself and to influence real change in our world is live each day aligned with your authentic self.

The Explorer Lounge Program

8 modules to help you live aligned with your purpose.

Module 1


How to stay on the right path every day and 'own it' by aligning with your purpose and passions without letting the world around you throw you off track.

Module 2

Living In The Heart

How to consciously move from your mind and into your heart to develop the habit of living from your heart space. You will feel less distracted and in a state of avoidance by maintaining a clear connection to your intuition.

Module 3

Your Unique Passion and Vision

How embrace your authentic self and create a clear vision and goals to help you focus, stay organized and be more productive without having to fall off track every time you try and move forward.

Module 4

Visualization Method

A practical visualization method to more efficiently change the world around you as your perception, confidence, focus, and actions shift.

Module 5

Daily Practices

How to manage your 24 hours in a day to overcome self-sabotaging habits, and align your actions with who you truly are to create a healthy, fulfilling life.

Module 6

Clearing Fears and Breaking Patterns

How to move past limiting beliefs and self-doubt by shifting your perspective from scarcity to sufficiency leading to more self-acceptance and self-worth.

Module 7

Managing Relationships

How to create more meaningful connections in your life, and no longer feel like you are all alone or not even from this planet to begin with. Who you surround yourself with, you become.

Module 8

Living Your Purpose

How to live life from your authentic self, contribute to the world from your highest potential, and make the greatest impact you can while you are here.

Meet The Instructor

Joe Martino, Collective Evolution Founder

Almost 9 years ago I started Collective Evolution to help people re-think what it means to be a human in this world and what we're truly capable of. I started to do this by empowering individuals with information.

But as I continued to learn, grow and evolve, I discovered that this path was more challenging than I had anticipated. I even felt at times like the entire planet was designed to go against what I was trying to do! But there was no way that I was going to back down...

I began to use a radically different and effective approach to creating change in ways that hits right at the core. And that is what I want to share with you...

This program is for people who are looking to transform themselves and this world. You will face yourself, shift your limiting beliefs, clear your emotional blockages, and transform into the greatest version of yourself!

What You Get

What People Are Saying...

Mira Webb

Thank you for the program! I have now conquered all three of my fears. I believe that there is a cocktail effect happening here in the lounge of all our positive intentions and loving vibes that makes it easier to manifest than alone. So thank you CE and everyone who saw my posts and thought to yourself "I hope she succeeds" or something like that!

Angela Crosbie Black

I thought this program was a game changer, there was so much valuable information shared. I am going to watch it, again and again, to get the most from it. This is a must see for everybody!! Thank you so much for your assistance in helping change my life and the world!

Diane Renna

Thanks Joe Martino…I finally just watched the whole thing with my husband & then my daughter watched some as well. I feel we as a collective humanity are waking up & moving in the right direction.

Is this program right for you?

Is for you:

  • Have tried other personal growth programs and nothing seems to work
  • Are ready to fully embrace yourself and break self-sabotaging patterns
  • Feel like you have more inside of you to offer the world
  • Feel like your inner voice has been silenced and want to connect with your intuition
  • Want to move on from certain things in your life, but not sure how
  • Want deeper connections in your relationships
  • Are overwhelmed with your vision and how you can get it to become reality

Isn't for you:

  • Are completely satisfied with your current life situation and relationships
  • Are comfortable fitting into the world around you
  • Are already connected to your intuition and are living aligned with your purpose
  • Aren't willing to face your core issues and make changes in your life
  • Don't feel inspired to contribute in changing our world
  • Enjoy the work that you do and feel like you are serving the world from your highest potential
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find out that the Explorer Lounge is not what you expected we offer a 14-day money back guarantee because we do not want to waste your precious time and money. We also trust if you become a member, then you are ready for this commitment to become the greatest versions of yourself and influence change on our planet. We also trust that if you have any questions along the way that you will ask us for help.

Wait! There's more...

Get Access to 2 Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1

The private Explorer Lounge Facebook group

Get daily support and inspiration the from the CE Team and other like-minded people in the secret online community.


Bonus #2

Live Monthly Group Hangouts

At the end of every month Joe, the CE Team, and other members get together online to discuss our journey's and answer any questions you may have.

Start today! Choose your payment option below:

Explorer Lounge Program

  • 8 Modules, 18 Lessons
  • PDF Workbook
  • Group Discussion
  • The Private Explorer Lounge Facebook Group
  • Live Monthly Group Hangouts
  • Access for 1 full year.

Regular $297

Today $197

Payment Plan - 3 payments of $65.67


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program for?

You have lifetime access to the program, but you only have 1 year access to the bonuses.

Can I do the program on my own?

Yes, you can but having the support and accountability of the group is priceless.

How does the payment plan option work?

You pay in 3 equal payments over a 3 month period.

Is it a one-time payment or subscription payment?

The Explorer Lounge Payment is a one-time payment, but a payment plan is optional.

How do I get access to the support group and live monthly hangouts?

By purchasing the $497 plan that includes the 4 bonuses.

Can I access the support group without Facebook?

No, you can not. You can make a private account on Facebook to join to the group, or you can communicate through the group discussion form below the lesson videos.

Is there a refund for the program if I don't like it?

Yes, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason before the first 14 days after purchasing, you get a 100% refund.

Change starts within.