Do you experience anxiety? This webinar will help you shift that reality right away. We sit down with anxiety expert Mark DeNicola who has been “there and back” many times when it comes to anxiety. He has gone on a journey to discover what methods actually work to stop anxiety and how we can begin creating that shift right at the core. You can check out Mark’s full course here:

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  • Janet McLaughlin

    November 17, 2017

    Hello! I’m glad the codes and links are all sorted out. I have just watched the welcome video and am quite excited. The 30 day intro you have set up will help keep me in a steady rhythm. Often i bite off more than i can chew and sicken myself. The 5 day challenge was a good starting point. Thank you team for all your hard work. Janet

    • Joe Martino

      December 5, 2017

      Hey Janet! We worked really hard with the 30 day intro to make sure it was bite size and manageable. 🙂 After 10 years doing this work I know first hand how it can feel at times to wanna take it all on and just move forward as fast as possible.. but practice, practice, practice is the key and that’s what we will be focusing on here! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!