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#34 - Learning From The 'MAGA Hat Kid' Story

Joe discusses the story in detail and explores some of the biggest take aways from society as this story unfolded. The episode ends off with important reflections on how we must take personal responsibility for not only stories in the media but our reactions to them.

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Ep. 7 - How To Be Your Authentic Self

Joe discusses the reality that just simply knowing information is not going to lead to change. Further to that, the true depths of where we must go to create change involves stripping away the old to get to your authentic self. We'll talk about how to get there.

Ep. 6 - WikiLeaks Document Discusses Base On Moon

Joe and Arjun discuss a WikiLeaks document Arjun discovered while searching through their database. It referred to a US moon base that was destroyed by UR (USSR).

Ep. 5 - Why Is Trump Pushing 5G So Hard?

Joe discusses the question that has many who believe Trump is here to save America confused as they watch Trump continually push 5G. Enough of the crap, we're going to get to the bottom of what people are deeply missing.

Ep. 4 - Demystifying The Black Budget

Joe discusses the Black Budget with CE journalist Arjun Walia. The two unpack what the black budget is and what evidence is available to explore this topic in detail.

Ep. 3 - Thinking Outside The Box

Join Joe as he goes through some recent headlines and explores the consciousness behind why they happen. What is it going to take to change our world? We must begin to expand our mind and what we think is possible so we can start having DIFFERENT conversations than just how to force new ideas into the small boxes we live in today.

Ep. 2 - Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines

We've pushed for it since the beginning: honest, balanced and unemotional attention on what is REALLY happening with vaccines, injuries, vaccine science and where we go from here. Let's have a look.

Ep. 1 - Looking Deeply At Censorship

Joe discusses the CFR linked and Big Pharma funded 'fake news watchdog' NewsGuard. We explore the thought processes behind their ratings and how the world of 'fake news watchdogs' is misleading people into accepting half truths.

#36 - The Contactee Experience

Joe & Arjun discuss the contactee phenomenon and explore the vast research that exists chronicling, through science, what many contactees are experiencing and reporting. This subject is often one of ridicule but the information available paints a fascinating picture for humanity and where we're headed.

#35 - The New Age Deception

Joe discusses the idea of 'The New Age Deception'. He goes through 10 alleged thought fallacies that come from 'the new age movement' as pointed out by many who observe it, including Mark Passio. Is there truth to these fallacies? Is there more to the story? This one goes into a deep discussion on how we can address many of the issues we face as society.