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People-powered journalism to stop the 5G Infrastructure

We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support.

Created by Joe Martino, Founder of CE
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The 5G Story Not Being Told

UPDATE 2: We've reached 100% of our goal here in the final hours! If we hit $30,000 we'll create more articles and videos specifically designed to focus on the hardest hitting points that mainstream minded people can understand. That way we can send the information to our friends and families, and reach as many people as possible.

UPDATE 1: We are over 60% of the way there! As a result we have already booked our first trip to Vancouver, BC to get an interview with someone who knows the legal ins and outs of slowing or stopping this at local levels. This will go a long way in empowering people on the ground to do something.

Our Task: Collective Evolution will help bring light to and expose the money behind the dangerous new 5G infrastructure being deployed globally without your consent. We’ll show how companies, politicians and mainstream media are ignoring the obvious dangers.

Due to censorship, our funding has been dramatically cut and for us to continue to do our work we need your help!

Without proper journalism coverage of the health and environmental dangers of 5G infrastructure, we have very little chance of stopping it. Big corporations, the government, and mainstream media will continue to push their agenda.

But the truth is it CAN be stopped, as it has already been done in many cities around the world.

We will use some of the funds to research these locations and create a comprehensive guide that will be free to the public, to empower you to stop 5G in your local area.

We’ll investigate campaign contributions, lobbying, congressional investments, compromised academic studies, tech blogs, the revolving door, dark money, and more to get to the truth in a non-fear raising manner.

And we will create as many articles, and videos to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible before it's too late.

Over the past 10 years, our content has been viewed over 2 billion times. Let's STOP 5G together!

The Story: Telecommunications companies worldwide, with the support of governments, are working to roll out the fifth-generation wireless network (5G). Yes, we will have unprecedented societal change on a global scale that will bring fast internet to every human on the planet and will put antennas and microchips in virtually every device we have in our homes so it can be connected wirelessly to the Internet.

Sadly, it’s widely unacknowledged that this will also result in unprecedented environmental and health damage on a global scale. Millions of new 5G base stations, 20,000 new satellites in space, and 200 billion transmitting objects will be part of the Internet of Things by 2020.

Despite widespread denial, overwhelming scientific evidence shows that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to human and animal life. More than 10,000 peer-reviewed studies have been published showing humans can get sick and injured, DNA can be damaged and cells and organ systems are at risk too. Research has also shown that cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are in part caused by electromagnetic pollution.

If the telecom industry’s plans for 5G work, no person, animal, bird, insect or plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The levels of RF radiation will be tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today. This will provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and all of the Earth’s ecosystems.

Companies are already pushing to get 5G infrastructure out there, and Trump has also backed 5G in a big way. Congress is not helping yet on this issue, and we want to expose WHY. From lobbyists to bad science, we’ll find it.

The Solutions: The good news is, we can still stop this in local areas by holding companies personally liable for their actions. We can do that with viral content that spreads awareness... This is CE’s bread and butter!

We’ve spent 10 years making viral news stories and they have made a huge global impact on subjects like GMOs. Some farmers have stopped using Monsanto seed, local towns have banned RoundUp, and many consumers have chosen organic because of our published research!

Our GMO content has been viewed over 30 million times over the years. This makes it hard to miss!

The money from this campaign will go towards our journalists to create many articles, videos and how to guides to help raise awareness and actually stop this infrastructure.

In this case, we will be using 2 - 3 journalists to complete this project over the next couple of months. We will also need dedicated time from an in house video editor to piece together the stories we create. With our efficient processes, we can make this happen within the $20,000 budget.

By joining this campaign you will help:

  • Put together a comprehensive guide for people to locally stop 5G in their area
  • Compile the how-to guide from people who have already achieved this in their area
  • Compile the data of people involved in supporting 5G and their political ties
  • Complete articles and videos to expose the corruption involved

This investigative journalism campaign is a 100% reader-funded, exposing the powerful who are pushing 5G while ignoring scientifically proven dangers.

This campaign is happening because our funding has been dramatically cut by companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – companies who threaten to thwart information like this from coming out.

So we have turned to create a membership platform called CETV to fund our work. It is our streaming service for conscious media but unfortunately, it does not yet pay us enough to do all our work.

You can contribute to this investigative campaign in two ways:

  • 1 Make a one-time donation to the campaign
  • 2 Sign up for a yearly membership to CETV

As a bonus, all contributors will get access to the following exclusive interviews inside CETV:

Contributors and members will also help us decide what stories we cover next by voting on various options. A direct way of getting engaged in our journalism!

The mainstream media is not reporting on this issue, and someone has to!