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#5 The Astrology of 2018

2018 is going to be an awesome year for change. And the astrology is there to show that. After a long and challenging 2017, I sat down with our astrologer Carmen DiLuccio to talk about what 2018 looks like and what we can prepare for energetically. In this podcast you will learn about what we might see in the space of currency and money, government, business and how this year will affect us personally. A teaser.. it's time to begin asking ourselves whether we are doing what's in our hearts or just living in our minds.

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#14 - Exploring The Purpose of Psychedelics w/ Mark DeNicola

Joe sits down with Mark DeNicola to talk about his experiences with psychedelics. The two dive into an exploration and deep questioning of the purpose of psychedelics. The intention was to ground the subject of psychedelics, brings clarity to it and get to the nuts and bolts of what they can be for beyond the 'trippy' experience. Are they right for you? Find out!

#13 - Treating Autism Naturally w/ Jennifer Kozek LPC

Joe sits down with Jennifer Kozek, LPC. She is a board certified psychotherapist and the author of the award-winning book Healing Without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and Effectively Without Harming Medications. They chat about her incredible journey of treating her child's autism naturally. You will learn what she did and what one of the biggest changes are we can make to help people suffering with these disorders.

#12 - The Rise of Post Material Science w/ Dr. Natalie Trent

Joe sits down with Dr. Natalie Trent to talk about her work in post material science and the massive disruption happening in science right now as old ways crumble. Together they explore consciousness, energy work, and how our world and understanding of it is transforming through science.

#11 - Mind Control & The Music Industry Pt 2 w/ Dulce Ruby

Joe sits down to chat with meditation guide Dulce Ruby about her first hand experience witnessing some of the rituals and happenings that take place in the music industry. Although some juicy 'Illuminati' details come forth, this episode dives into why this is important to know and what we can take away from it consciously.

#10 - The Spirituality of Aliens w/ Richard Lawrence

Joe and Arjun sit down with Richard Lawrence who became the Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe. They discuss ever important topic of the spiritual and conscious implications of the ET and UFO phenomenon that is becoming more and more mainstream everyday. Aetherius Society founder Dr. George King is also discussed in detail. Dive in as channeling, ET contact and the future of humanity is explored.

#9 -Confronting Pedophiles In Action w/ Justin Payne

Joe sits down with pedophile hunter Justin Payne to discuss his work in pretending to be a young child online in order to meet up with pedophiles and confront them about what they are doing. It is a fascinating discussion about the intention of Justin's work, what happens when he confronts pedophiles and an exploration into what can be done to help stop pedophilia.

#8 - The Origin of Consciousness w/ Mario Beauregard

Joe and Arjun sit down with Mario Beauregard PhD. to discuss consciousness in all its definitions. They also push the boundary and explore the incredible impact that understanding we are spiritual beings will have on our world and daily life.

#7 - The Face On Mars & Structures on The Moon w/ Ananda Sirisena

Joe and Arjun sit down with Ananda Sirisena to discuss anomalies on Mars and the Moon. They chat about Ananda's published research about the face on mars, as well as other physical structures. The episode also covers insights on ET disclosure and its impact on human consciousness.

#6 - Trump, Alt News, ET Disclosure & More w/ Jordan Sather

Joe sits down with Jordan Sather of Destroying The Illusion to talk about a number of things going on in our world today. They talked about Trump and the deep state, what's happening with our climate, some of the challenges going on in the alternative media community, ET's disclosure and more.

#5 - The Astrology of 2018

Joe sits down with astrologer Carmen DiLuccio to discuss what astrological energies will be affecting 2018. They explore how 2018 will affect us as individuals and as a collective.

#4 - Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain

We speak with Angelo Dodaro about what cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is showing the world. Will this be one of the biggest steps towards freedom? How will it affect human life and consciousness?

#3 - Disclosure, Aliens & Consciousness

We speak with Michael Mazzola, the director of the documentary 'Unacknowledged.' We explore the latest in ET disclosure and how consciousness plays into the whole story.

#2 - Mind Control & The Music Industry

Why do we like some of the music we like? have you heard of subliminal tracks behind music?

#1 - The Rise of Fake News

After the November 2016 presidential election in the US, the rise of the term 'Fake News' in the media became evident. But why?