We wanted to do an interview with Patty Greer to dive into some of the Hidden science behind crop circles. Unfortunately there were some technical issues with this interview that took us a long time to fix and even then the audio and video quality was not up to par. However we felt the content was still great. In this interview Patty talks about why and how crop circles actually form and how long we’ve known how this works. There were a number of fascinating things shared in this interview that I had not even heard up until the time of the interview.

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  • Lesley

    July 6, 2018

    Patty’s pronounciation of Wilthsire is correct. In England we don’t pronounce it shire, but shur. It sounds so funny as shire sounds like the Hobbit. I went into two circles in Wiltshire last weekend. They were pretty amazing and you can feel the energy for sure. The weekend before I was in Avebury and the energy was palpable it gave me a headache. With the current energised sun going on as well any of these places feel slightly weird right now. Sadly a lot of the farmers cut the circles down to stop people going into their fields. You might also get harassed and asked to pay but there is no reason to do so. I am open to any theory but I was aware that they are on ley lines and by water. It makes sense as water and ley lines can carry the energy. We took our dog and he was a total nutter for the rest of the day it certainly charged him up.